Rodney Demo Starts September 16

Rodney Demo Starts September 16

Demolition of the University of Delaware’s Rodney dorm complex will begin Sept. 3, as the city of Newark begins to turn the site into a stormwater pond and park. Here’s a look at what the dorms look like after being closed for four years and undergoing...

Safety Culture Survey

Please share your thoughts on how we can improve safety within our team so that everyone can go home to their families each day without suffering an injury. Go to to complete the survey. The survey will close on Friday, August 23rd.

CTS Injury

When we hear about CTS – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome we often think this injury is associated with office personnel who work at a computer station all day long. The truth is CTS can happen to any of us who perform a repetitive motion task, or uses a tool not designed for the job we are doing. Use the right tool and the right position when performing any assigned task.

Hard Hat Area

The campus is undergoing some major changes this year as we can see by number of projects taking place.Most of the major projects provide signage that identifies the boundaries of the construction area. These include notices that require specific PPE be worn such as a hard hat. It’s important to know where and when hard hats must be used. Please be aware of all hard hat requirements and check the Job Hazard Analysis if in doubt. Contact your supervisor or EHS with any questions.

Electrical Tool Safety

Tools are common in many of our workplace settings on campus, and power tools are especially efficient for getting the job done. It is important to remember that electrical tools can pose a significant risk to the user. All workers should be familiar with the hazards of power tools and the potential injuries that can occur if they are modified or improperly used. Please see the FREAS SharePoint page under Safety for more information on this topic.