Hard Hat Area

The campus is undergoing some major changes this year as we can see by number of projects taking place.Most of the major projects provide signage that identifies the boundaries of the construction area. These include notices that require specific PPE be worn such as a hard hat. It’s important to know where and when hard hats must be used. Please be aware of all hard hat requirements and check the Job Hazard Analysis if in doubt. Contact your supervisor or EHS with any questions.

People First, Campus Always

We are the stewards of the University’s physical and operational foundations, which define the campus environment.  We create the campus connections from getting people where they need to go, to building and caring for the spaces where the learning occurs.

We Need Your Help

Please be mindful of what goes down the drain and what should be disposed of in the trash or recycling receptors.  We ask you to refrain from flushing or washing down drains items such as paper towels, feminine products, food, gum, and even those “flushable wipes”. While they claim their products are safe and will break down, these wipes are one of the leading causes of sewer back-ups on campus.