Freda Reynolds

Dear Verlyn,

I just wanted to send a sincere “thank you” and my “gratefulness” for a clean, sparkling building.  Stoney and Fernando do an exceptional, professional job in making sure the entire building (413 Academy Street) is beautiful, sparkling and clean.  Many times when we have visitors, my building, is the first building that visitors see.  Our lobby and offices are always spotless – floors clean, waxed and beautiful. I am very proud to work in this building.

Stoney and Fernando are very professional and very exceptional people.   I know I speak for the entire HR team.

A big “thank you” to Stoney and Fernando!

Very truly yours,


Cyndi McLaughlin

Hey Bill,

Just wanted to reach out and let you know what a great job Theresa and Marixa did today.  I know our space issues, re-organization and special events are stressing the system lately, but both ladies have been going above and beyond to meet our needs.

I just wanted to be sure you know we appreciate it.



Jose Riera

Hi Alan Brangman
It seems like opening weekend was months ago. Recently, the 1743 Welcome Days Team met two debrief our welcome orientation program for our first-year and new students.
I would be remiss if I did not send you an e-mail acknowledging the work of so many on your team who made this event possible and supported us from start to finish! I especially want to acknowledge the work of the Movers and of the Grounds staff. They worked relentlessly throughout the weekend to ensure that our programming and events were always set up exactly as we requested and that trash was removed, etc.
I really am deeply appreciative for the long hours that your staff puts in all the time, but especially at such a crucial time of the academic year. This weekend, I firmly believe, sets a tone for the academic year, and its success would simply not be possible without the investment of your staff.
Many thanks! Please pass my “kudos” on to the appropriate personnel.

Thank you.
José Riera
Dean of Students


Hi Mike Guns and Roger Uhline,
Just a note of “Thanks” for your assistance in getting the flat screen TV installation completed on Friday as promised. I do greatly appreciate our partnerships and the work that you and your staffs provide. Please pass on my “thanks” to each of the Electricians (Dan Coyle and Craig Newton) and Carpenters (Dave Kalb and Andrew Brown) that completed the job They were all courteous, helpful and efficient in getting the job done to meet our programming and training initiatives.

Many thanks,


Hi Roger Bowman,
The trees are done and they look wonderful! I cannot thank you enough. Your men were very helpful and did an outstanding job.
I know how hard it is to change gears at a moment’s notice – we do that here all the time. Now that I see what this job involved, and how professional it looks, I realize my step stool and scissors would not have worked.

Best regards,

Michael Davidson

Dear Ken Wassmer, Jason Carroll, and Paul Sisson,
Thank you for all your help this entire week with our move, answers to questions, technical help, and room access this week.
We really appreciate your great service! Have a great weekend and Holiday!

Michael Davidson


Please pass on to Tom and Jason the thanks and appreciation from the 125 EDA Professional Outreach programs for the outstanding solution they created for the soundproofing. And, using the larger vertical trim on the center window, and the narrow trim on the outer windows was craftily done and was noticed!
To you and your crew, thanks for accommodating the often, and perhaps occasionally unique, building requests of these outreach programs, as they are responsible to represent CoE to quite a diversity of clientele, and you help them show the best side of where they live on campus.
And yes, this all helps me and Maria more than I can tell you!



Dear Alan Brangman, Peter Krawchyk, Sue Wyndham and Mike Loftfus:
Happy 2015!
I think are already aware of this, but, in case you are not: In 2014, Maryland ASLA gave an Honor Award to the university’s ISEB courtyard. We are honored at the recognition and think you should be too, since it is not just our team’s work but also your team that shepherded a successful design process and that has, since construction, taken an active role as stewards of this beautiful landscape. We have a copy of the award certificate for the University that we’d like to send you and are wondering to whom we should direct it.


Jim Kaden

I am writing to express my thanks and professionalism for Kenith Chase
Over the Holiday Break the ice arena was open every day expect December 25,2014. On January 3, 2015 we had an issue at the ice arena as we had our National Send Off Ice Arena Show this day. I called Kenith this day and he took immediate action and corrected the issue I also forgot to put in coverage for the morning of January 4, 2015 and once again Kenith resolved my oversight.
I appreciate Kenith dedication to helping the ice arena maintain its appearance. We regularly receive compliments from visiting parents and hockey teams on how clean both the Rust and Gold Ice Arena are keep and that is due to Kenith and his staff dedication to the facility.

Jim Kaden


Dear James Malin,
Thanks so much for walking me down the stairs at JMC this morning to be sure I made it all the way. You were just finishing up salting but there was still a bit of ice in some spots.”
I appreciate the extra effort on your part to make the UD a pleasant place for everyone. We need more people like you at UD who take initiative and are considerate and caring.

All the best,

Maria Taylor

I need to express the College of Engineering’s gratitude for the pro-active and diligent manner in which EHS responded to the flooding of DuPont’s Clean Room on Sunday evening, January 4 Krista, Jane, and Jeff were on site from about 10 p.m. until 2:45 a.m. College of Engineering researchers Matt Zablocki and Pernell Dongmo came in to DuPont Hall to provide us with direction about the best way to safely de-energize specific pieces of equipment. Paul King, the O&M night mechanic, spared no effort in trying to determine which breakers were associated with each piece of equipment. My thanks as well to Dave Murray for his presence and assistance.
I am thoroughly impressed with the stamina of the EHS staff. I slept in a few hours the next day while Jeff Work was back at 8 a.m. the next morning to check on County Environmental’s clean-up progress and to provide them with further direction.
EHS is always very responsive to our emergency situations as well as to our day-to-day consultation needs.

Thank you!
Maria L. Taylor


On behalf of our Chemical Engineering Staff here in Colburn Lab, we express our thanks to Dave Wertz for his extraordinary and exemplary service for our department! Not only did he remove the old refrigerator for refrigerant recovery, but also picked up a new one for us, delivered, and installed it in our staff kitchen! We really admire his great work ethic and pleasant outlook, so please pass along our appreciation for a job very well done!


Francis Karani

Good morning Robert,
I wish to take this opportunity to highly commend one of your staff Brenda Marie Olmo the plumber for coming out to repair and fix a number of the pipes that were leaking for a while in our Animal Vivarium Facility at 020 Wolf Hall last week. She not only did an exemplary job but she made sure that one of our old sinks that is located in the cage wash area and that was getting ready to collapse was also fixed and repaired. That sink that was had been gradually titling over in the last 5 to 10 years and it was getting ready to fall and which would have been an eminent safety hazard to us.Brenda took it upon herself to call it in and within a few hours it had been repaired and fixed with the assistance from her co-workers.
Not too many workers show this kind of commitment, dedication,dependability and adherence to good working ethics of reliability and efficacy. She is one of a kind and she is definitely a great resource and valuable asset to your department. We really appreciated her service and your department should feel honored and proud to have her as a member of the team.
Keep it up.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Francis Karani B.S.,RALAT
Senior Laboratory Technician

Grace Ruiz Cooper

Hi David,
You guys probably don’t get complimentary emails often, but I wanted to commend the two men who came to fix my shower drain two days ago. I put in my request around 6:40pm expecting that they’d come sometime the next day, but was pleasantly surprised that they arrived within the hour. When they arrived they were nothing but courteous and polite. Upon first inspection of my shower they noticed that my shower head was leaking and that my handle was loose. While one went down to fetch a new head and tools, the other checked my sinks and said that those might be a little backed up too. In less than 10 minutes of work the two were able to fix all 4 issues and were on their way. Unfortunately I don’t remember their names but whoever was working North Campus that night did a great job.

— Grace Ruiz Cooper
University of Delaware ’18
Mechanical Engineering Major
Biomechanics, Integrated Design, and Math Minors
Tour Chair for the Mechanical Engineering Student Squad

Karen Brinker

Good morning,
I was not sure who to contact but thought you could pass along the message if you are not the right person. I am a faculty member in the Medical Laboratory Sciences department and we are located on the 3rd floor of Willard Hall. I just wanted you to know that Abido (unfortunately I don’t know his last name) is so wonderful. Not only does he do a fantastic job of keeping our space clean he is so polite and friendly. I look forward to his “good morning” each day and his wonderful smile. I can come in to work overwhelmed at times with my to do list and his welcoming face and positive attitude brightens my day. I have worked here at UD for nearly 25 years and I can say that he is the best we have ever had for keeping our offices, laboratories and restrooms clean. I just felt the need to pass along the compliment this morning.

Karen Brinker M.Ed., MLS(ASCP)CM
Instructor and Clinical Education Coordinator
Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
University of Delaware
303D Willard Hall Education Building
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-6502
Fax: (302) 831-4180

Mark Baillie

Dear Bill,
I hope you are the right person to share this with – I found that you are listed as responsible for facilities for Brown Lab, which is where I work. I wanted to share my praise with you for Tracey Balog, who is the janitorial staff responsible for my floor in Brown lab. She is one of THE hardest working individuals I have ever met, and so thorough. She takes huge pride in her job and it shows – the areas she cleans are the most impeccable on campus.
To be specific, the bathrooms in my hall of Brown lab are cleaner than those at my house, and I am a pretty tidy individual. You walk in and they never have any bathroom odor lingering like most public bathrooms do. In fact, just going to a different floor in this building or to any other bathroom on campus that gets as much traffic as these, and they have the typical bathroom smell of urine (slight but noticeable). Another example is that I frequently come back to find my office has had a stain on the glass table removed – when I ask Tracey about it she says she “took a break”, sat down at the table and cleaned it for a minute.
If I had a company, I would want to hire a thousand Tracey Balog’s! I hope having some insight from one of her “clients” is useful to reiterate the value I’m sure you already know you have in this amazing worker.
If there is anything else I can share to help you gain more insight on Tracy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
Best wishes,

Mark Baillie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Delaware

Grace Wisser

Ag Day is always a long day but this year it seems as if that dial was turned up. There was a high attendance and everyone seemed please with how it all went.
I appreciate all your extraordinary hard work from UD media services’ reliability to the custodial staff that kept up with the thousands of people in and around the building to the movers who swept up right after 4 pm. Craig did an amazing job with getting electricity to the right places without a hitch.
You were all great! I realize that it is not only a long day for me but all of you as well.
Thank you again! This event succeeds because of all of you too.

Grace Wisser
Staff Assistant, Office of the Dean
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Delaware
113 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716
T 302.831.4722
F 302.831.6758