Drinkable PPE: Protecting from inside out

Hydration is often a second thought during a rigorous work day, but it should be a primary focus. See the FREAS SharePoint page under Safety for more information on this topic and previous Weekly Safety Messages.

Drinkable PPE: Are You Protected Inside and Out?

Appropriate hydration is essential to preventing mental and physical fatigue, which are both leading contributors to workplace accidents. Before employees go on shift, it’s important to make sure they are protected on the inside, too.

Injury Alert

This past week we experienced another injury within FREAS. Although minor in nature, it had the potential to be much more serious. John Verdi, our EHS Safety Officer had sent out an email communication with some details about the injury, including some questions each of us need to ask ourselves. John’s message is provided on the link below. Let’s be sure to review all potential hazards before performing each job, no matter how routine the task may be.