Overexertion – Take It Easy – Your Body Will Thank You

Whether it happens at work, on the golf course or on the boat, overexertion continues to be a leading cause of injury over all age groups. It was the second leading reason (after falls) that adults age 25-64 ended up in emergency departments in 2013. Overexertion causes 35% of all work-related injuries and is, by far, the largest contributor to workers’ compensation costs. It also is the #1 reason for lost work days. More than 322,00 people missed work in 2016 due to overexertion.

Cold Stress Hazards Quiz

When we hear about CTS – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome we often think this injury is associated with office personnel who work at a computer station all day long. The truth is CTS can happen to any of us who perform a repetitive motion task, or uses a tool not designed for the job we are doing. Use the right tool and the right position when performing any assigned task.