This past week we experienced another injury within FREAS. Although minor in nature, it had the
potential to be much more serious. John Verdi, our EHS Safety Officer had sent out an email
communication with some details about the injury, including some questions each of us need to ask
ourselves. John’s message is provided on the link below. Let’s be sure to review all potential hazards
before performing each job, no matter how routine the task may be.

Issued from John Verdi – EHS Safety Officer on 3/28/19
A custodian was recently injured when his hand was caught between a dumpster handle and a sheet
metal box as he was moving the dumpster into place. The contact caused a small laceration to his hand,
but it could have been much worse given the weight of the dumpster and sharp edges on the metal box,

  • Do we keep ourselves out of the line of fire and avoid pinch points?
  • Do we use proper hand protection when handling potentially heavy/sharp/abrasive objects?
  • Do we push rolling equipment rather than pull it to avoid excessive strain on the body and stay
    out of line of fire?
  • Do we encourage injured employees to see medical evaluation in these cases and ask if the
    employee has had a recent tetanus vaccination?