While the potential for experiencing down feelings during the holidays or feeling let down after the holidays iscertainly there, by being aware and taking proactive steps to ward off this tendency, you can both enjoy the holidays more and head into the new year with a positive attitude and keep your focus on staying safe.

After the holidays:

  • Prolong the joy
  • Continue the sentiment of gift-giving
  • Reframe your attitude about winter
  • Capitalize on your inside time to enjoy yourself as well.

Prolong the joy.

Extend the positive feelings and uplifting mood of the holiday season by bringing some of the typical holiday experiences into the new year. Break up the winter blahs by planning a party or get-together during the months of January or February. Throw a Super Bowl party or host a Valentine’s event. Planning and preparing for such a social event is half the fun, and since it will not be competing with other activities that crowd the holiday season, you can enjoy making preparations with less stress.

Continuethe sentiment of gift-giving.

Incorporate a “pay-it-forward” attitude into your daily life. Give gifts of time (spend an afternoon with a young relative), assistance(help out an elderly neighbor by plowing snow or shopping for them) or sharing(bring andoffer to serve food at a local homeless shelter). Such gifts of self cost nothing and can boost mood and a sense of wellbeing in yourself as well as those who receive your gifts.

Reframe your attitude about winter.

Even if you are not a fan of winter, you can choose to view this time of year through a more positive lens. While you may feel more like staying indoors out of the cold, you can still find positive and useful ways to spend your time. Consider working on one or more tasks that you may have been putting off because it was too nice to tackle them in the spring and summer. For example, clean out a garage or closet, or organize those photos that have been stacking up. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when you are done, and this will boost your mood.

Capitalize on your inside time to enjoy yourself as well.

Have a weekend movie binge; or read a book you’ve been wanting to read. Or bring out your fuzzy boots and warm coat and go outside to do something fun. Go for a walk in fresh falling snow, or set up an iceskating party with some friends. Once you start embracing wintertime activities, you may find that you can enjoy spending time outdoors even when it is cold.