Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services are the stewards of the University’s physical and operational foundations, which help define the campus environment and experience. We help create the connections that keep our campus running, whether that is getting people where they need to go, delivering mail, or building and caring for the spaces where the community comes together.

H. Alan Brangman


Science & Technology Campus 


Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services is pleased to announce Michelle Bennett joined the department as Sustainability Manager.

Michelle is charged with creating and maintaining a culture of sustainable development at the University of Delaware by engaging the activities of students, faculty, and staff in environmental, social and fiscal sustainability. She will coordinate efforts among diverse groups to foster collaboration, action and innovation towards solutions for climate change.

Within FREAS, that means collaborating with all departments to pursue:
• The improvement and increased efficiency of resource consumption (e.g. water, energy, time, money).
• The reduction or elimination of unnecessary waste (e.g. recycling, emissions, time, money).
• The strategic application of sustainable development principles to support our business strategy.


Fresh Food Concept
Starting with the freshest ingredients possible, kitchens are turned inside out to create an environment where chefs craft every dish to-order, in front of students. Modeled after an open marketplace, this approach creatively delivers a fresh experience every time. Food stations include a vegan station, a kosher station, a gluten-free station, and more. With over 1,180 seats this dining hall is roughly twice the size of Pencader and will serve about 6,000 meals a day.

The re-designed Harrington residence hall sports a new improved "Provisions on Demand" store with a Subway restaurant. It will be open 11am-2am beginning September 1, 2015. Stop on by and check it out!


Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services has announced a new web formfor Campus Delivery. The campus community can use this web form to request pickups such as UPS or FedEx shipments, or if a campus customer has 5 or fewer boxes to be delivered to Archives, surplus or recycling.

Student dispatchers from the Facilities Real Estate and Auxiliary Services Customer Service Center (aka Fixit and ext. 1141) hosted a table at the ResLife RA Resource Fair on August 21. Justin Wynn and Dante Osbourne explained the various ways that FREAS helps the student population. They also distributed flyers and magnets for the RA’s to post on their community bulletin boards. On Early Check-In night, the feedback from the check-in tables was resounding: Justin and Dante delivered the message that FREAS is ready to serve the campus community.

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University of Delaware Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services (FREAS) has implemented a new employee recognition program.  The program was created to celebrate the achievements of the FREAS workforce.  The awards are aligned to emphasis the strengths and best practices of the FREAS team.

The program is called the UD Blue and Gold Excellence Awards Program and recognizes the FREAS employees who make outstanding contributions in the areas of:

  •     Safety
  •     Superior Performance by a Team
  •     Superior Performance by an Individual
  •     Mentor / Inspiration / Motivator
  •     Client Focus / Customer Satisfaction
  •     Innovation
  •     Outstanding Contribution to Continuous Improvement
  •     Community Impact

Nominations for outstanding performances can be made by any UD employee, contractor or affiliate.  However, if you are an outside contractor or affiliate who does not have a CAS login, you will need to go through your Facilities contact in order to make a nomination. Nomination forms and criteria can be accessed directly using the UD Blue and Gold Excellence Awards link.

A selection committee will review all of the nominations that are submitted and select the best nominations to receive a Quarterly Award.  All Quarterly Award winners will be appraised by the selection committee to determine those individuals or teams who have earned the Annual Awards.  Annual Award winners will be recognized at the UDid It! celebration each June.

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