National Burn Awareness Week

The first full week of February is National Burn Awareness Week. Although very few burn injuries occur at work compared to home, the risk is still around us. Your best protection is awareness.

Eye Safety

Each day about 2000 U.S. workers sustain a job related eye injury that requires treatment at a medical facility or emergency room. More than 100 of these injuries result in one or more days away from work. Wearing the proper PPE such as safety glasses, goggles, face shields or full face respirators will prevent eye injuries and related diseases. Please see the FREAS SharePoint page under Safety for more information on this topic and recently issued safety messages.

Snow Removal Appreciation

In lieu of the Weekly Safety Message that we normally post on Monday, Peter Krawchyk and John Verdi would like to post a thank you message for the snow removal efforts. We experienced some significant winter weather this last week. I wanted to applaud all those in our Grounds and Custodial units who did a great job to keep us safe by clearing snow and spreading salt around the campus. Thank you!
-Peter Krawchyk