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The University of Delaware spent $25,948,324 in FY 13 on utilities.  


The majority of buildings are heated from steam or hot water supplied by centralized boiler systems. Primary fuel source for the boilers is natural gas; fuel oil can be used in some locations as a backup fuel. Cooling systems for most buildings are also tied to central chiller plants. Solar panels provide an installed capacity of 981 kW; all other electricity as well as water are purchased from the City of Newark. Natural gas is purchased as a commodity and is delivered by Delmarva; fuel oil is contracted and delivered through a fuel-oil company.

Lewes Campus:

Electricity is the primary source for both heating and cooling for most of the buildings. A wind turbine installed by CEOE provides a capacity of 2MW; all other electricity and water are purchased from the City of Lewes.

Wilmington Campus:

Buildings are heated by either electricity or natural gas; electricity is used for cooling the buildings. Electricity is purchased through a 3rd-party supply contract; all electricity and natural gas is delivered by Delmarva. Water is supplied by United Water. 


             Utility Consumption Summary

            Fiscal Year 2013-2014 



167,474,074 KWH


717,024 mm BTU


10,919 mm BTU


11,108 mm BTU


221,601,853 GAL




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