University Architect

As steward for the campus as a whole, this Office will be responsible for making and implementing planning and design recommendations to ensure preservation and enhancement to the physical attributes of the campus in support of the University of Delaware brand, mission and vision.  This includes developing and maintaining guidelines for exterior and interior architectural materials and design, and developing and maintaining standards for all interior way-finding and exterior signage, streetscapes, landscaping and other initiatives that will preserve and enhance the pedestrian experience, function, character and beauty of the University’s various campuses.  Orchestrates planning activities for the newly acquired 1743 Holdings, LLC site including discussions with strategic partners in the private and public sector in the creation of a master planned development including a health sciences campus, research park, and transit oriented commercial mixed use development.
Recommends and participates in the development of University policies and procedures; serves on University planning and policy-making committees.  Researches and provides advisement to Senior Administration and the University Space Planning Committee on current and emerging campus space needs; collaborates in the establishment of space demand forecasts in support of the development of University capital plans and provides analysis and interpretation of constituent requests for new or additional space within the context of existing guidelines, strategies, and constraints.  Collaborates with the department of Facilities Planning & Construction regarding capital projects and the Facilities Building Maintenance & Operations Department in the space change planning, advising on the application of guidelines in the distribution of space; identifies and recommends high payback space renewal and reallocation opportunities.  Develops and establishes strategies and operating objectives consistent with those of the organization to ensure efficient and effective implementation of major cross-University projects.
In conjunction with the Director of Facilities Planning & Construction and other stakeholders, oversees programming and preliminary design activities with architects and design consultants involved in the development of new building construction and/or renovations; reviews the performance of architects, engineers and other consultants performing work at the University. In addition to these preliminary design activities, reviews qualifications of architectural and design consultants proposing to provide services in the future, prepares lists of qualified consultants, develops selection and evaluation criteria, formulates consultant recommendations for administrative consideration. Develops, reviews, and modifies University facilities space management policies, guidelines, and other specific practices and processes for implementation in accordance with overall University facilities planning strategies and policies.  In close collaboration with University General Accounting, Facilities Accounting Services Unit, manages and maintains currency of an accurate University Facilities Inventory, to include file structure, data, and base maps of facilities and real property.