Standing Safety Subcommittee Missions

Accident Investigation Committee (4 members)
This subcommittee reviews all issued accident investigation and near miss reports, makes recommendations to the investigating supervisor concerning activities for improvement, discusses the implementation of systemic improvement recommendations and reports monthly to the Departmental Safety Committee on its results and activities.
Electrical Safety (6 members)
This subcommittee’s focus is to increase employee understanding of electrical hazards and to promote safe work practices. Activities include the review of electrical-related incidents or reported hazards, the support of activities promoting employee understanding of job-related electrical hazards, the review of current protective equipment and practices and the monthly reporting of these activities to the Departmental Safety Committee.
Hearing Conservation (5 members)
The focus of this subcommittee is to increase employee understanding that prolonged exposure to excessive levels of noise on the job has been demonstrated to have the potential of serious hearing impairment in some individuals. This subcommittee encourages the use of proper procedures, personal protective equipment, effective equipment maintenance, and the selection and application of low-noise or noise reduction equipment to reduce workplace noise exposure for our employees.   
Indoor Air Quality (10-12 members>
This subcommittee’s mission is to provide review and guidance to the Facilities organization on matters relating to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).   The committee meets on a monthly basis and discusses IAQ projects, techniques and equipment issues contained in the 455 University buildings.  
Mobile Equipment Committee (6-8 members)
The focus of this subcommittee’s mission is to examine mobile equipment incidents and hazards, promote and support activities which increase employees’ understanding of safe practices involving mobile equipment and to report monthly the results of their activities to the Departmental Safety Committee.