Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center processes all customer inquiries related to Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services.

How to request help

For active alarms sounding in your building, please call UD Public Safety (302) 831-2222
For maintenance emergencies call (302) 831-1141

Request maintenance for UD buildings and grounds
Submit a RFS-Facilities for reimbursable work
Extended housing furniture removal
Repairs and Refunds for vending and laundry machines
Repair internet, cable TV, or phone
Fire extinguishers

The following information is required when reporting a problem in your workplace/residence hall:
1. Location of the problem 
2. Floor and room number (if applicable) 
3. Other location information if floor/room not available 
4. Your name 
5. Your phone and UD role (i.e.student, faculty, staff, etc.) 
6. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible
7. If applicable, note whether the problem has been reported previously.

Can't find it above? Call us: 302-831-1141 or email us at

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