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The University of Delaware participates in the Delaware Solid Waste Authority's single stream recycling program. Follow the guidelines below to avoid contaminating the University's recycling stream:

  • Although there is no need to place recyclables into bags prior to putting them in bins, translucent and untied plastic bags must be used.
  • Black plastic bags cannot be used to dispose of recyclables.
  • Do not place non-recyclable items, trash, food scraps or other banned items in the recycling containers. This causes the disposal of other recyclable items.
  • Boxes that are not "broken down" or flattened take up space and increase the cost of recycling as more trips are needed to remove recyclables. Do your part and BREAK DOWN cardboard boxes!

Single Stream Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can be recycled through UD's Single-Stream Recycling Program?

Visit the University's Recycling Website to learn more about what can and what should not be recycled. The site is designed to offer the UD community updates Single Stream Recycling and other related initiatives like Gameday Recycling.

It is important to note that any materials that are contaminated with chemical, biological or radiological materials cannot be recycled through the single-stream recycling program. The contaminated material must be properly managed through the appropriate program through the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

2. I generate a lot of different types of waste streams in my laboratory. What materials are not acceptable for recycling?

The following materials are not acceptable to be recycled at this time. These materials should be disposed of as regular solid waste, glass only waste and, in some cases, may have to be managed as chemical, biological or radiological waste through the Department of Environmental Health & Safety. Materials that cannot be recycled at this time include:

3. Does my Department have special procedures in addition to the procedures outlined on the Single-Stream Recycling Program web page?

In some cases, your Department may have special procedures in addition to what is listed on UD's Recycling Web Page. It is recommended that you talk to your Facility manager to find out and obtain more information on the procedures that have been established for your Department. If you do not know who your Facility manager is please contact Kevin Eichinger, University Chemical Hygiene Officer, at 831-2103, or by e-mail: and he will be able to assist you.

4. Who do I contact if I still have questions about the proper recycling and disposal of laboratory waste?

If you have any questions regarding what or what cannot be recycled, please contact Kevin Eichinger, University Chemical Hygiene Officer, at 831-2103, or by e-mail at:

If you have any other questions regarding recycling, feel free to email

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