Proper Disposal of Refrigerators, Freezers, A/C Equipment, etc.

Disposal of Refrigerators, etc.

Facilities Management Policy Manual

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University of Delaware
    No. 6-3 Rev. 1
    Facilities Management
    Date March 17, 1997
    Subject: Proper Disposal of Refrigerators, Freezers, A/C Equipment, etc.

    The purpose of this document is to outline the appropriate procedures for the 
    proper disposal of refrigerators, freezers, air condition equipment, etc.


    In order to ensure the safety of the university and surrounding communities and
    reduce the possibility of liability to the university a policy detailing the
    appropriate actions required for the proper disposal of refrigerators, freezers, air
    conditioning equipment, etc. is needed. This policy will cover both the
    evacuation and disposal of refrigerants and the removal and disposal of air tight


    Upon receipt of a request to dispose of furniture/equipment the following 
    procedure is to be followed:

    The movers contact will ask the requestor (in writing) if any of the equipment to
    be disposed of are refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning   equipment, etc. The
    movers contacts next action will depend on the requestors answer to the above
    question, actions are as follows:
    If the answer is negative the movers contact will set up a date with the 
    requestor to remove the furniture/equipment.

    If the answer is affirmative the movers contact will: Set up a date with the 
    requestor to remove the furniture/equipment.
    Notify the Operations and Maintenance Operations Center that a requestor 
    has equipment that requires evacuation of the refrigerant before it can be 
    disposed of (as a minimum the movers contact will supply the requestor name,
    campus telephone number, location of the equipment, type of equipment,
    and scheduled removal date).
    The Operations and Maintenance Operations Center will issue a "Service 
    Request" to the Heating & Cooling Services Unit for the evacuation of

    Upon evacuation of the refrigerant the Heating & Cooling Services Unit will close
    out the service slip and notify the movers via telephone or E-mail that the
    equipment in question has been evacuated and is ready for disposal.

    The movers will then remove the equipment, remove the doors and dispose of
    the doors and equipment separately.