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The Facilities Planning & Construction Department of the University of Delaware is responsible for oversight of all renovation, additions, alterations and new construction on the University campuses.  In achievement of these goals, the department offers programming, design and construction services in accordance with design and construction standards (both internal and external), the University's Land Use Master Plan, and available resources.

The department also provides facility information services through maintenance of a Records Retention Room of hard copy and CAD plans.  Information maintained in an electronic database of University facilities is also available for University use.

Space Planning & Programming

Planning & Programming establish the feasibility of a project. These pre-design activities develop a project's goals and objectives as they relate to the client's program requirements, the site, the time schedule and the available funding. At this stage of a project, efforts focus on assessment, analysis, conceptualization, consultant recommendations and the reconciliation of needs and resources.


FP&C oversees the Design process as part of program management. This assures the functional requirements, the expected quality level, the desired appearance and ease of operation and maintenance are met, all within an affordable budget. To assist this effort FP&C maintains Facilities Design Standards. The Design process includes Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation.


Projects Division manages projects from the construction documentation phase through completion. This work is accomplished through the implementation of multiple trade contracts. Projects are managed through a project manager acting as the University’s representative or as the general contractor with responsibility to deliver the project according to plans, specifications, local code, project budget and schedule.

Facility Information

The Plans Retention Room houses the plans inventory and is available to University personnel and consultants associated with campus construction, renovations and maintenance activities. This service is based on the management, maintenance and updating of campus facility and property records, both manual and CADD. Available services include architectural, electrical, mechanical, civil, plumbing, and structural plans for each building.

Contact FP&C

  • 142 General Services Building
    222 S. Chapel Street
    Newark, DE 19716-8201
    Phone: 302-831-1744
    Fax Number: 302-831-8249


Request Space Planning/Initiate a Project

To request space planning services or to initiate a project please submit a Request for Service - Facilities form.

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