Pest Control

Here at the University of Delaware we take an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management, relying on a combination of inspections, prevention and common sense practices.

Prior to performing any treatment, our pest control specialists determine the extent of the pest population to indicate what, if any, treatment is necessary.  The sighting of a single pest does not indicate that control is needed.

Monitors are used to identify the type and extent of pests in a given area.  Small sticky traps are used to monitor the insect population, larger sticky traps for rodents.

Prevention plays a key role in the university's pest control program.  Our specialists conduct monthly inspections of the buildings on campus, physically checking public areas, kitchens, mechanical rooms, crawl spaces, pipe chases, etc., utilizing monitoring devices and eyeballing conditions.  In the case of Dining Services areas, reports are generated listing any needed improvements in sanitation practices.

After inspection and monitoring is completed and it has been determined that the threshold for treatment has been reached, our pest control specialists determine the proper control method which will be both effective and present the lowest risk to our customers.  All pesticides used at the University of Delaware are applied strictly according to label directions.

Pest control specialists are normally on duty from 5am-8pm, Monday through Friday.  They are also available to respond to emergency problems during off-hours.

To report a pest control problem, please call 831-1141 and speak with a Help Desk service representative or submit a Fixit request.  To contact Rich Noonan, Manager for Pest Control Services you may send an email or please call 831-3628.