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Maintaining Your Residence Hall

You are responsible for cleaning your room and, if you have one, your private bathroom. Custodians clean only public areas and common bathrooms. Custodial equipment cannot be borrowed. You cannot hire a cleaning service. Your room should be maintained in accordance with health, safety and maintenance standards set by state law and University policy.

When you move out, staff will inspect the room to make sure you haven't caused any damage beyond normal repair. You will be billed for damages, plus any missing furniture. It is expected that you will leave your room in the condition in which you found it. Poster putty is the only acceptable product to use to attach items to your walls.

The University must arrange repairs and maintenance in residence halls and on-campus apartments. Authorized repair personnel may enter your room to make repairs or perform preventive maintenance.

To request a repair in your residence hall room, call Facilities at 831-1141 or use the Fixit form on the Facilities Customer Service web page.

Please do not use commercial drain cleaners for sink or shower clogs. They can injure maintenance workers when opening pipes. There’s no charge to report clogs to Facilities.

Safety bed rails are available upon request for all UD supplied beds that are bunkable.
Call 831-1141 if you bunk your beds and want to have a safety rail installed.

Follow up on repair requests: If you are dissatisfied with the repair service, please contact the
Manager of Maintenance for Residence Halls at 831-3340.

Internet, cable, and IT problems: Call 831-6000 or use the online form at

You can also email to report an internet, cable, or other IT problem.

Vending/laundry repairs or refunds: Please use the vending form to report a problem with vending or laundry machines or to request a refund for money lost due to a malfunctioning vending or laundry machine. If you are only reporting a malfunctioning machine, then you only need to complete section 1 on the form. If you are requesting a refund, then you must fill out the entire form. If there’s an emergency such as a leaking machine, call 831-1141 immediately.

For more information about UD Facilities and links to more self-help forms, visit us at Facilities Customer Service or call us at 831-1141.


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