Maintaining Your Dorm

You are responsible for cleaning your room and, if you have one, your private
bathroom. Custodians clean only public areas and common bathrooms. Some
Community Councils can loan you a vacuum cleaner. You can't use custodial
equipment. Your room should be maintained in accordance with health, safety and
maintenance standards set by state law and University policy. Christiana Complex
has vacuum cleaners available for your use at the front desk (x1245 or 831-1245).

When you move out, staff will inspect the room to make sure you haven't caused any damage beyond normal
repair. You will be billed for damages, plus any missing furniture. It is
expected that you will leave your room in the condition in which you found it.
Here's a tip: White poster putty is the only acceptable product to use to
attach items to your walls.

Repairs: The University must arrange repairs and maintenance in residence halls
and on-campus apartments. Authorized repair personnel may enter your room to
make repairs or perform preventive maintenance.

Calling in repair requests: Request a repair in your residence hall room by
calling the Facilities Customer Service Center (5-1141 or 831-1141) or report
a problem using the form located on the Facilities web page.

Safety bed rails are available upon request for all UD supplied beds that are bunkable.
UD supplied lofts in Rodney Complex economy singles have safety rails attached. Call 831-1141
if you bunk your beds and want to have a safety rail installed.

After hours and on weekends and holidays, leave a message on 5-1141 or
831-1141 Voice Mail. Speak slowly and provide complete information. After hours,
call x1141 and follow instructions to report a maintenance problem. (A burst
water pipe is an emergency. Losing cable TV access in the middle of a football
game is not an emergency.)

Follow up on repair requests: If you are dissatisfied with the repair
service after calling 5-1141 to report a problem, please contact the Manager of
Maintenance for Residence Halls at 5-3340 or 831-3340.

Burned out light bulbs: If you are able to reach the light fixture
while standing on the floor, see the Residence Life staff for replacement bulbs.
If you are unable to reach the fixture or are uncomfortable about changing a
bulb, please call 5-1141 or 831-1141. For safety reasons, you should not stand
on furniture to reach a bulb.

Data/Telephone problems: Call 5-6000 or 831-6000 to report faulty
lines. (The University can only repair faulty lines for free.) Prior to calling
about a telephone, you should be sure the problem does not reside in the
telephone and should find a working phone to test in the phone jack:

• Disconnect your answering machine if you have one.
• Plug your phone into a working jack in another room and see if  it works.
• Borrow a working phone and plug it into your jack. 
• Try your phone in the second outlet if you have one. 
• If the problem is in the phone line, call 5-6000 or 831-6000. If   your
  telephone is malfunctioning, you may be billed a minimum of $60 for the cost
  of a repair visit.

Note: Telephone and cable TV problems should be called in during working hours (7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) so that you can answer questions about

You may e-mail to report a problem with a data or telephone line.

Plumbing problems? Call 5-1141 or 831-1141. Please do not use commercial drain cleaners. They can injure maintenance workers.

Vending/Laundry repairs or refunds: Please use this form to report a problem with vending or laundry machines or to request a refund for money lost due to a malfunctioning vending or laundry machine. If you are only reporting a malfunctioning machine, then you only need to complete section 1 on the form. If you are requesting a refund, then you must fill out the entire form.

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