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Mail Categories

There are three categories of mail handled by the Campus Mail System:

Campus Mail

Interoffice communications and delivery of envelope-size items between offices. Campus mail does not require postage.

Each individual unit administrator is responsible for insuring that all material distributed for their unit through the Campus Mail Service is consistent with University policies.

Brown or buff envelopes only should be used for Campus Mail. The use of other envelopes for this purpose may cause mis-mailing and unnecessary application of postage. The use of tape to seal envelopes should be held to a minimum and used only for those containing confidential information.

For campus mail, the name of the addressee and the department to which assigned is sufficient for on-campus delivery. Room numbers, building designations, numerical codes and abbreviations should not be used.

 Courier Mail Service

Free mail service is available to many of the State offices throughout Delaware. When addressing the mail piece you must include a state location code as part of the address. A list of the State offices and their codes may be obtained from the State of Delaware website or by calling Campus Mail at extension 2158. This service is not available to private or parochial schools.

 U.S. Mail

Off-campus mail for distribution through the U.S. Postal System. U.S. Mail requires the payment of postage and falls into the following classifications:

  • Registered Mail: Use when mailing items of high value with declared valuation only. Registry buys security. It is the safest way to send valuables through the mail system. The full value of the mailing must be declared when mailed for security and insurance purposes. Registered mail must be securely sealed. Plain paper or cloth tape may be used. Do not request Registered mail unless the contents have an intrinsic value of over $5,000. In such cases Certified Mail or Insured Mail with a return receipt is usually the intent of the mailer, not Registered Mail.
  • Certified Mail: Use when mailing items that require signature control/proof of delivery. Certified Mail service provides a receipt to the sender and a record of delivery at the office of address. No insurance coverage is provided. Certification may be used only on first class mail containing matter of no intrinsic value. Records of mailing are kept for two years. Return receipts will be provided by Campus Mail upon request and must be completed by the sender and attached to the mailing piece. Certified mail is restricted to domestic use.
  • Insured Mail: Use when mailing items with a maximum insurance of $5,000. You can obtain payment for domestic mail that has been lost, rifled, or damaged by having it insured. Insured Mail may be used on First Class and Standard Mail up to a maximum coverage of $5,000. A return receipt is also available.
  • Express Mail: Use when mailing items for overnight delivery for domestic mail and 3rd day delivery to most foreign countries. Express Mail provides reliable overnight delivery of letters and packages by 3:00 p.m. the following day. All letters and packages must use a USPS Label 11-B, which is provided by Campus Mail upon request. Express Mail envelopes are also available through Campus Mail.
  • First Class Mail: First Class Mail is for such things as postal cards, greeting cards, personal notes, letters, and for sending checks and money orders. First Class Mail may not be opened for postal inspection. All First Class Mail is given the fastest transportation service available. delivery is generally withing two to five days.
  • Priority Mail: Priority Mail is First Class mail weighing at least one pound. The cost is $3.50 for the first pound and most deliveries are within two days. There is also delivery confirmation available for a nominal fee ($.40).
  • Periodicals: Is restricted to catalogs, magazines and newspaper mailings.
  • Standard Mail: Standard mail includes non-profit bulk mail, Library rate, Book rate and parcel mailings.
  • Package Services: Includes Library Mail, Media Mail [formerly Book Rate], and Parcel Post.
  • Return Receipts: Included with Registered, Certified, and Insured as proof of delivery.
  • International Mail: Use when mailing material out through an international courier or through the U.S. Mail System. Names of foreign countries must be written in ENGLISH.
  • Business Reply Permit Mail: Business Reply Mail is intended for use by large volume mailers when the possibility exists that a less than 100% reply will be received. Postage is paid only on the replies received.


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