Laundry Services

While it may not be the best part of your college life, doing laundry is easy once you know how. Follow these tips for laundry success:

  • The washers require HE (high efficiency) detergent and only 1/4 cup or less.
  • The new liquid pods are fine to use but they need to go in the door - not the drawer
  • Please do not use solid soap tablets or Purex 3-in-1 sheets.
  • No bleach at all should be used due to the Newark water.
  • Please leave the washer door open after use.
  • Empty the dryer lint filter every time.
  • Read your clothing labels for the best way to wash each item of clothing. If it says DRY CLEAN ONLY, don't put it in the washer or dryer.
  • Empty your pockets! Items left in your pockets can damage the machines and ruin your clothing.
  • 1 wash load = 1 dry load. An overloaded dryer won't dry your clothes in one cycle.
  • The washer door will lock about 30 seconds after the cycle starts and will not unlock until about 30 seconds after the cycle completes.
  • Front Load Washers are large capacity and can wash up to a double-sized comforter. (By itself - not with other items.)
  • If the dryer setting is too hot, you can shrink your clothes, especially jeans and 100% cotton items.

If you need to report a problem with a laundry facility or request a refund, please use the vending form.

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