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Key and Access Cards

   University Key/Access Control Policy and Procedures

      Upon check-in, residents receive a key to their room/mailbox. Duplication of any University
      keys, including room keys, is prohibited by the Code of Conduct.

      • Lost ID cards: Residents who lose or misplace their student ID must obtain a new one from
        the ID Office located in the Student Services Building at 30 Lovett Avenue. Their original ID will
        be deactivated immediately. The new student ID will become the resident's permanent card
        and the charge will be $25.00.
      • Lost Keys: Residents who lose or misplace their key may sign out a spare key from
         the Residence Life & Housing staff, which must be returned within 48 hours. The charge for
         a core change during regular business hours is $80.00. For personal safety, when
         keys and identification are lost together, an emergency core change must be
         initiated. Please contact your Residence Life & Housing staff or University Police.
         The charge for an emergency core change done after 4:30 pm Monday - Friday and
         on Weekends is $118.00. This fee is waived if a police report is presented to the Residence
         Hall Coordinator/Hall Director or RA.
     • Graduate Student and Family Housing Residents must obtain a key from the Apartment
       Manager. Residents should read the Graduate Student and Family Housing Manual for
      specific instructions regarding key core changes and check-out procedures.
      • Check-Out: Residents must return room keys to the Residence Life & Housing staff at the end of fall,
        winter and spring semesters and if you leave the residence halls during the semester.
        For security reasons, if keys are not returned within the required time frame, locks on doors
        are changed, and residents are billed accordingly.

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