The grounds unit maintains all university grounds, gardens and the athletic
    complex. Our staff of heavy equipment operators, refuse collectors, grounds
    equipment technicians, caretakers, grounds workers, arborists, horticulturists,
    grounds technicians, drivers and their supervisory staff are dedicated
    to providing exceptional service to the University of Delaware community.
    In providing this exceptional service we contribute to the greater mission
    of the University in providing quality educational, social, and athletic opportunities
    for the university community.

    Grounds Services is responsible for all grounds maintenance functions as
    they relate to the safety and appearance of the campus. We are also the central
    point for snow removal, solid waste and recycling services and pavement sweeping

    Some of the regular maintenance performed by the Grounds Services unit or
    contractors employed by us are:
      • Grass mowing  
      • Leaf removal  
      • Shrubbery pruning  
      • Tree care, pruning, and removals of trees in hazardous condition.
      • Insect and disease control measures on trees, shrubs and turf areas
      • Solid waste removal collections  
      • Recycling material collections  
      • Campus litter removal  
      • Collection of campus litter containers  
      • Cleaning of exterior campus bulletin boards  
      • Turf maintenance programs  
      • Shrubbery bed maintenance programs; mulching as needed and weed control  
      • Hardscape sweeping services  
      • Parking area sweeping services, broken glass clean-up, litter removal     
      • Snow & ice removal from sidewalks, roads, drives and campus parking 
      • Emergency responses to floods effecting exterior campus locations     
      • Provide flowers and other decoration services for special events on campus
      • Fence installation and repairs  
      • Recreation site maintenance  
      • Athletic field turf maintenance  
      • Installation of campus cigarette urns and campus litter containers

    Sylvester Johnson: – 302-831-3339
    Director of Facilities Custodial and University Services and Grounds
    Lisa Varnes, Administrative Assistant III: - 302-831-0219
    Mike Loftus, Assistant Director:
    Roger Bowman, Manager:
    Seth Greenwood, Manager:
    Sue Wyndham, Landscape Architect:
    Request for Recycling:
    Phone:  (302)831-2624
    Fax:     (302)831-2390