Frequently Asked Questions

1. What number should I call to request maintenance services?


2. Where should I report a maintenance emergency?

    (302)831-1141 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

3. I’m not sure if my problem is an emergency. What should I do?

    If you’re not sure, always contact the Facilities Operations Center at (302)831-1141

4. What if I have a maintenance emergency after normal business hours?

    The Facilities Operations Center has extended hours covering evenings and weekends. At other hours, voicemail gives the caller the option to press "0" and speak with afterhours personnel.

5. Can I contact a maintenance shop directly to request service?

    No, all maintenance request must be entered through the Facilities Operations Center.

6. Can I submit a maintenance request online?

7. Do I have to pay for my work request?

    Routine corrective maintenance on campus is typically free of charge. All other (non-routine) work is generally billable. View our list of typical routine and non-routine work.

8. How do I check the status of my work request?

    Call (302)831-1141; in many cases detailed information limited to whether or not the Work Order is still active or closed, and you will be directed to the appropriate person for follow up information.

9. My office/room is too hot/cold. What do I do?

    Please note that the University has made a decision to save energy cost by raising the set temperature of University buildings to 76 degrees during the summer months and lowering the set temperature of the same buildings to 68 degrees during the winter months. If you believe that the temperature in your building/room is not within the acceptable range then please call (302)831-1141 or email to

10. How do I order keys?