Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services are the stewards of the University’s physical and operational foundations, which help define the campus environment and experience.

We provide the places of learning and research. We innovate and renovate the built environment based on the needs of our users.  We provide for the daily care of students, faculty, staff and structures.

We connect. We help create the connections that keep our campus running, whether that is getting people where they need to go, delivering mail, or building and caring for the spaces where the community comes together. 

We are East Coast Classic. Through thoughtful and progressive planning, we maintain a balance of historic and progressive architecture fitted with the needs of a 21st century campus.

We are green.  From Grounds and Dining to Recycling and Blue Henergy, we meet the challenges set forth in the Path to ProminenceTM to reduce our impact on the community and the planet.

H. Alan Brangman, AIA
Vice President
Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services

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