Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services HR & Payroll

  Welcome! We provide the following services and assistance:
      • Employee Relations
      • Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services Payroll
      • Labor Relations 
      • Training and Development
      • Employment, Planning & Recruitment
      • Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services FMLA Information
      • Job Descriptions
      • Lending Library
      • New Employee Orientation Calendar 
      • Policies & Procedures
      • UD HealthyU Employee Wellness Program
      • UD Jobs (Recruitment)
      • AFSCME 439 Vacancy Form
            Transfers and/or Reassignment Requests
      • SOP Recruitment Opening
            Standard Operating Procedure to start the recruitment process
      • Request to Recruit Vacancy Form 
            Use this form if you have an immediate recruit vacancy
      • Division of Services for Aging & Adults with Physical Disabilities
      • Civility & Respect in the Workplace
            English version
           Spanish version


  Contact us by phone or E-mail:

  Patty Fogg, HR Director (302)831-1102
  Sheila Boyle, HR Assistant (302)831-1732
  Jo Alice Casapulla, HR Generalist (302)831-1522
  Fax number (302)831-0485