Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services IT Support

How do I report a problem?

What Should I Try First?
1. Restart Your Computer
2. See if you can recreate the problem
3. Write down the exact error message and what programs you were using when the
    problem occurred.

Tutorials and Helpful Links
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Remote Desktop Connection
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Outlook Email and Calendar Tutorial
Outlook Web Access Tutorial
Setting Junk E-Mail Filter Preferences
Outlook Web Access (Facilities Users Only)
Set Your UD Account Username, Password and Forwarding
UD IT Help Center 
Michael Parisi 
Assistant Director, Computing Operations
Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services
Phone: (302) 218-0901
Room 110A General Services Building

Greg Aluise
Programming & Database Support
Phone: (302) 218-0902

Krzysztof Bakowski
Server & Infrastructure Support
Phone: (302) 218-0417

Earl Davis
Blackboard Support
Phone: (302) 275-3153
David Diefenbeck
Building Systems Server & Infrastructure Support
Phone: (302) 299-9541

Terri Lineback
Desktop & Customer Support
Phone: (302) 218-3512

Brian McMahon
Programming & Database Support
Phone: (302) 766-3359

Eric Remington
Programming & Databse Support
Phone: (302) 332-7370

Jennifer Szymanski (Nikki)
Desktop & Customer Support - CSSII
Phone: (302) 574-0856

Brandon Toole
ID Office Coordinator
Phone: 831-2759

John Schwander
Supervisor, Maint Customer Svc, Facilities-Maint & Op Cust Ser
Phone: 831-1987