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Custodial & University Services

Responsible for the cleanliness, protection and preservation of the facilities that comprise the campus of the University of Delaware.

Some of the services performed by Custodial and Pest Control Services are:

  • Residence halls cleaning 
  • Pest Control
  • Conference facilities cleaning
  • Residence hall damage billing
  • Movers Services
  • Campus Delivery
  • Support and services for summer conference housing
  • Classrooms, labs, public areas and office cleaning
  • Unlocking exterior doors
  • Interior relamping
  • Recycling paper, cardboard and fluorescent lamps
  • Pest exterminating and control
  • Entrance mats: replacement and installation
  • Special event support
  • Furniture and equipment setup for programs
  • Emergency cleanups as a result of floods, leaks, injuries, illness, construction, etc.
  • Window washing / pressure washing
  • Recommendation for carpet replacements
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor restoration
  • Replacement for restroom dispensers
  • Provides trash receptacles for classroom, public areas and residence hall rooms
  • Snow and ice removal from ramps, steps, landings in the immediate vicinity of academic buildings and residence halls
  • Reporting maintenance deficiencies
  • Clean campus maps
  • Fire extinguisher and exit sign inspections 
  • Routine vs. non-routine work

Ground Services

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Phone: 302-831-8469 or 302-831-8781
Fax: 302-831-1193
Request for routine cleaning: Facilities Service Request
Request for Service:  Web Forms/Facilities Work Request
Request for Estimate:  Web Forms/Facilities Work Request


Sylvester Johnson: – 302-831-3339
Director of Facilities Custodial and University Services and Grounds
Felice Cook, Administrative Assistant II: - 302-831-0219
Academic Facilities:

Martin Quirk, Assistant Director: - 302-831-1815
Chondra D'Amato, Administrative Assistant II: - 302-831-8469

Custodial Academic Managers

Residential and Conference Facilities:

Roland Lytle, Assistant Director: - 302-831-8144
​Stephanie Bassette, Administrative Assistant II: - ​302-831-8781

Custodial Residential Managers

Campus Delivery & Movers Staff:

Steve Kirby, Manager: - 302-831-6917
Chondra D'Amato, Administrative Assistant II: - 302-831-2157

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