Central Plant Operations

  The Central Plant Department is responsible for the following utilities:
     • Central Steam Plant and underground steam distribution
     • East and West Chilled Water plants and underground chilled water distribution
     • Industrial, commercial and residential heating boilers and furnaces
     • Refrigeration equipment rated at or above 20 tons
   Central Boiler and Chilled Water Plant (302)831-3624
     • Equipment operators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
     • Equipment operators handle after-hour emergency repair calls and dispatch
        maintenance personnel 
   Central Plant Boiler Shop (302)831-6133
     • Install and repair boiler and furnace equipment
     • Maintain high pressure underground steam distribution system
     • Maintain high pressure steam equipment in buildings
   Central Plant Heavy Refrigeration Shop (302)831-6196
     • Maintain refrigeration equipment including compressors, condensers, cooling
        towers and pumps  
     • Maintain underground chilled water distribution system

   Joe Lapalombara, Manager: J_Lapalombara@facilities.udel.edu
   Phone: (302)831-4878