Bob Carpenter Center/Catwalk Safety Procedures

  Bob Carpenter Center / Catwalk Safety Procedures

  Facilities Management Policy Manual

  University of Delaware
  No. 6-5 Rev.
  Facilities Management
  Date March 17, 1997
  Subject: Bob Carpenter Center/Catwalk Safety Procedures

  The Bob Carpenter Center/CATWALK safety procedures are written
  to provide all employees with a safe and healthful work environment.
  you as an employee. It is the intent of the Facilities Management
  Department to comply with all occupational health, safety and
  fire regulations and recommended practices.


  The Bob Carpenter Center CATWALK Safety Program is to be administered
  in an atmosphere of mutual respect between the supervisor and
  employee. Supervisors should make employees fully aware of this
  policy a minimum of one time annually. In addition, the policy
  should also be communicated, as a reminder, to employees
  who provide technical and mechanical services from/around the
  CATWALK area.


  Before anyone ascends to the CATWALK, it is imperative to communicate
  with everyone concerned of the date/time frame in which you will be
  working in this area. "Secure" the area underneath the CATWALK
  with safety devices, i.e., CAUTION TAPE so that no one walks directly
  underneath the CATWALK while mechanic(s) are working from this area.
  Take only tools that are needed while working from the CATWALK.
  It is also imperative to secure tools, especially hand tools with
  safety devices, i.e., a "leash", if possible, that is affixed
  directly to the tool and the mechanic's wrist/person.
  Any employee who is authorized to work from the CATWALK is
  responsible for cleaning up any debris and removing all tools, etc.
  when the tasks are completed. Practice good housekeeping habits.
  During events, employees are NOT permitted to work from the CATWALK,
  unless there is an emergency and/or in extreme situations by which
  designated personnel from BCC with documentation that authorizes
  this exception to these procedures.  Annual safety training shall
  be conducted at Bob Carpenter Center with designated members of
  BCC, employees and their supervisors of Facilities Management
  Department, as well as assistance from the Office of
  Occupational Health & Safety.