How Do I Request Maintenance?

Call the UD Maintenance desk (302-831-1141)

·        Call 302-831-1141 to report routine maintenance problems, especially emergencies such as leaks or power outages. This line is staffed 24/7 for emergencies. For non-emergencies or information regarding maintenance of UD facilities, please call during regular business hours.

Fixit Request

·         Fix-it requests are routine corrective maintenance repairs to existing University owned property and equipment
·         Requests sent via Fixit email are primarily non-urgent and do not require immediate attention.
·         Procedurally, all e-mails sent to Fixit are handled in the same manner as a call placed to the Operations Center (831-1141). However, calls take precedence over e-mails, therefore making it imperative for the customer to place emergency requests by phone and not through Fixit.
·         Examples: interior door issues; outlet not working properly; light bulb replacement; areas need paint.
·         Request For Service forms (sent via UD Webforms) are non-routine maintenance repairs, adding onto University-owned property and equipment.
·         Request For Service forms require a departmental purpose code before any request is approved, as such repairs are reimbursable to the assigned Facilities' shop and all costs are covered by the requestor.
·         Request For Service forms are processed through an electronic database and sent to the appropriate shop via the Maximo work order system; as opposed to corrective maintenance, however, each job is designated as an Operations & Maintenance Project.
·         Examples: install motion sensor; hang/create signs; hang/create banners.
Network Services Request (302-831-6000)
·         Prior to calling the IT Help Desk for assistance, visit the IT Help Center web page.
·         Network Services requests are handled through the University IT Department at (302)831-6000.
·         Network Services is responsible for all phone, cable, and internet-related requests.
·         Examples: Ethernet cable not working; no dial tone; television reception unclear.